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Recruiting 4.0

You define your goals and together we develop your customized solution. Together we design the small steps from Recruitment 1.0 to Recruitment 4.0

Recruiting 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 – where do you stand?


You want to know where you stand – compared to the requirements of the applicants. What are you already doing excellently, what could be improved? Together with you we analyse and evaluate your initial situation.

Are you looking for answers to the following questions?

= Do your ads stand out, are they clearly structured, do they trigger emotions and prompt to act?

= Is your print media plan geared towards an optimal cost / benefit ratio?

= Do the job advertisement texts reflect the actual requirements of the job?

= Do you also publish your job ads in the digital editions of the leading print media?

= Has the design and text of your digital job advertisements been tailored to suit the reading habits and expectations of users of digital media?

= Do you use special offers of online job boards tailored to suit your target groups?

= Have you anchored a career page on your website, what are its strong and weak spots?

= Has your career page been linked to your recruiting measures on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.?

= Have you developed and established a comprehensive employer branding program? What are the strong or weak spots of your employer branding program?

= Do you have a current study of how your recruiting target groups think about your brand and your recruiting measures?

= Are you reciprocating with your target groups, asking them about their wishes and ideas of a desirable employer?

= Are you reciprocating with your target groups, asking them about their wishes and ideas of a desirable employer?

Recruiting 4.0 – Recruitainment

Your distinctive solution

Boost - Recruiting Events

Individual approaches tailored to suit specific target groups and regional interests

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Boost – recruiting events are particular approaches to specific target groups, regional interests or special needs. Boost Events can have a regional background. In this case, it focuses on the medical needs of an entire region. The events are organized jointly by the region’s stakeholders, e.g. with public support. Clinics, resident doctors and municipalities act as consortium organizers.

Subject-related boosts are organized by clinics, clinic associations, practice or practice associations and practice chains to cover local, regional or supra-regional specialist group-specific care needs.

The innovative Boost format allows a large number of participants, flexibility and content selection. Various topics can be covered in short time. So, stakeholder interests, but also all participant interests are considered. So, stakeholder interests, but also all participant interests are considered.

How do we proceed?

Interested doctors receive from us e.g. an email with an invitation to join a Recruiting-Boost-Event.

The participants then enter a virtual room via smartphone / laptop There employers present themselves through facts, videos and podcasts. Their option to show what makes them attractive, what distinguishes them from others.

Doctors can, among other things: listen podcasts, watch videos, ask questions, participate in discussions via chat – in real time! If a doctor is interested in a certain employer, he leaves an anonymized business card – via Jofodo. Now the employer „applies“ to the candidate and invites him or her.

What are the advantages of a Boost Event for you as an employer?

Unlimited number of participants and low participation barriers

The events are easily scalable in terms of time and space

Live events convey authenticity and bring excitement

Attracting participants through email, social networking and digital advertising

In addition to actively searching doctors, latently searching doctors are also reached as participants

Involvement of all stakeholders (municipalities, associations, state politics) of the region

What are the benefits of participating in Boost Events for you as an employee?

Participation is anonymously

Efficiently organized, dense programs with many options for the participants

Modernity – we are using contemporary sound and image formats

You can contact the employer directly – anytime

Live chats: Ask questions – Get answers instantly

Jofodo Jobsearch Portal

Only those who present themselves can be found. Job advertisements are the foundation of your search. A job advertisement at Jofodo is the basis of your search

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A job advertisement is the basis of your search at Jofodo whether it is for an assistant doctor, specialist, chief physician or senior physician. Internship and PJ positions are even completely free of charge.

You create a search engine-optimized job advertisement in four simple steps. Various solutions are available to you, from a simple job advertisement to an individual solution.

Jofodo Matching Engine

When employers apply to the employee

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Jofodofundamentally changes the rules of the game: it is no longer only employees who apply to employers, but employers who apply to employees.

Jofodo brings doctors into contact with employers that really fit them. We modernize and optimize aged processes and revolutionize the recruiting of the entire industry. So everyone finds the right match

With the help of our TalentPools employers can actively find and contact suitable candidates. Soon there will be access to a large applicant database where you will be able to see how well candidates fit the advertised position. You will also be able to speak to them and manage all applications easily and uncomplicatedly.

Doctors can decide the moment they want to give up their anonymity and allow the potential new employer to apply personally.

Employer Branding Programm

Employer is the key to sustainable success in the applicant market.

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Employer branding is the key to sustainable success in the applicant market. Let your brand shine – concerning potential applicants. Present your brand: big and bold.

An authentic, informative and personable employer profile is the foundation of successful brand appearance. Use the reach of Jofodo and present your facility authentically and with all important information. In this way, you create the prerequisites for applications that meet your needs and for the necessary number of candidates so that you can choose the best matching ones. Use the Recruiting-Ecosystem created by Jofodo. We combine the essences of Google (information), Youtube (moving image) and Xing / Linkedin (community), focussing on your respective target group.

Boost – Your unique digital recruiting events

Do you feel that a Jofodo Boost would help you to achieve your goals? But you are not yet sure how this is to be implemented or if your ideas can be realized? Together we can!

We are establishing new standards in doctor recruiting. Our Boost not only reinforces your recruitment efforts, but also your chances of success. There are many ways to use a Boost-Event:

For example, a chain of medical practices wants to expand and 100 general practitioners are sought for permanent employment, or a radiologist association wants to preserve the independence of its members and is looking for specialists. Are you faced with the challenge of securing regional pediatric care? For this purpose, you search specifically for pediatric specialists who want to work part-time. A wide range of activities are being carried out by many different actors across the state in order to ensure that family doctor practices are filled. So far not really successful.

All these efforts are concentrated and modernized for a Boost-Event. According to your specifications, we design a virtual room in which your individual, digital presentation takes place in order to successfully attract applicants.

We are currently designing these and other projects. Our project management includes even the smallest details and always responds to your wishes. Jofodo is responsible – from story to script, straight to the hookline. We take care of all resources, the realization of your ideas in image and sound, as well as the participant marketing. Jofodo coordinates the interaction of all those involved while preparation, during and after the recruiting event. Your Boost is in professional hands.


Are you ready for a change?
Reruiting 4.0 is Recruitainment